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Products for Professional Kitchens and Business Gifts

Our Finnish additive-free super foods are also available for AFH (Away from Home) prices for restaurants, cafes and hotels and as business gifts. We tailor our products according to your needs.

Are you looking for a unique gift for your business partner? Do you want to give your employees ethically produced delights? Magic of Nature gift items are tailor-made for you. Your deli bag can include spruce sprout dressing, herb salt, berry powder or mulled wine.

We deliver per post or in the Tampere area for a small extra fee.

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Our assortment includes:.

Aronia Berry, Freeze Dried
Aronia Berry, Powder
Black Currant, Freeze Dried – Powder
Black Currant, Freeze Dried – Slices
Black Currant, Powder
Buckthorn, Powder
Cranberry, Powder
Herb Salt
Lingonberry, Freeze Dried
Lingonberry, Powder
Nettle, Powder
Nettle Salt
Spruce Sprout, Freeze Dried – Ground
Spruce Sprout, Freeze Dried – Whole
Spruce Sprout Salt

Whole juices
Berry Syrups
Fresh juices
Mulled wine
Dried Yellowfood / Funnel Chantarelle

We produce larger amounts of special order tailor-made jams, jellies, juices, syrups and powders. For this, you can bring your ingredients and jars/bottles or we organize the ingredients and supplies for you.

Special orders available for tailor-made products: Please contact us with good lead time to ensure flawless service.

Dry products: Delivery within 2-3 working days in Finland and approximately 5 working days within EU via DB Schenker.
Liquid products: Delivery time to be agreed separately.

Contact us for more information.

Please send email magiaa (at) or call + 358 40 41 75 355

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