It takes patience to work on nature’s ingredients so that the valuable nutrients and aroma are preserved. We consider ourselves lucky because we can use our skills, our time and our passion to bring out the charming savors and flavors. We do not use any additives, just nature’s own preservatives, such as pectin which is contained in lingonberries.

Nature of Magic plants, berries and wild herbs are harvested and refined in accordance with natural rhythms and cycles of the day, month and year. As an example, the taste of dandelion syrup is affected by the time of the day and phase of the moon cycle when it was picked, whether it contains pollen and whether the flower was fully open when picked.

Nature’s bounty is intriguing to ponder! Therefore, product development is an ever evolving theme for us as we explore, discover and get feedback from our customers and from these, new wild delicacies emerge. Come and have a taste!