Our story

Childhood summers were a treat for city girl Nina, who spent them at granny’s, in a cottage next to a forest. The forest was an exciting playground and for a child full of imagination, a true treasure chest. In between outdoor adventures, Nina’s gran taught her all about plants and herbs as well as how to make jam and spruce sprout syrup.

From spring till autumn local pickers Jouni, Veijo, Kirsi, Riitta, Virpi, Virve, Minna and Harri wander the woods of Ikaalinen, Finland, harvesting the forest’s bounty. They know to turn on the portable radio to make some noise when they’ve heard that the bear is about. It makes them happy to see usnea moss being cradled by the tree branches when a breeze hushes through the home forest. They know it is a sign of clean air. They understand that the forest is home to bear, wolf, elk and other wildlife. For them purple fingers are a telltale sign of a bilberry treasure found. In the forest and in the garden their quick fingers pick lingonberries, bilberries, crowberries, mushrooms, nettles, buckthorns, aronia berries, black currants, rowan, saskatoon and honeyberries.

Out of these treasures, slowly and respecting the aroma and the nutrients and in the skilled hands of Nina and Jukka, the Magic of Nature products are evolved. In their new production site in the village of Jylli in Ikaalinen, Finland, they cook and dry, weigh and pack these unique pure, additive-free super foods. Good enough for the pickiest of connoisseurs.

Nina and Jukka are committed to continuing to explore their path laid out in the village of Jylli, in its surrounding forests and fields and to create wild delicacies from their bounty.